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Louisville Garage Door Repair

When you need a reliable Louisville garage door repair service, just call our number today, and speak to someone about your problems. Garage doors are an important part of the home, and if you have a connection between your living space and your garage  - and many people do - then you will know how important it is to have a fully-working garage door. If the door has become jammed, and stuck in the open position, then this could allow intruders to access your car, and also your home. In cases like these, a broken garage door can be a serious problem, and people often find that they are forced to stay at home in order to fully protect their property. Calling out a well-known Louisville garage door repair company in this situation is as important as having the repair done in the first place.

Garage doors break down for a number of reasons. Quite often the simplest reason is that it has been created by a problem during the installation of the garage doors. Garages which were built 20 or 30 years ago were not really designed to take all of the electrical gadgets which we now use on our doors, including remote controls and other types of devices which allow us to fully open the garage doors. The spaces were also not designed to accommodate the different size doors which we now have. This means that doors can sometimes break free of their tracks, becoming damaged in the process, and could result in you ending up with a door which is hanging from its hinges. We provide a quick and efficient solution to most of the serious problems which cause Louisville garage door repair emergencies.

Garage doors can also malfunction due to the metal of the door becoming warped, damaged or otherwise twisted. Most garage doors are made from a combination of steel and aluminum, and this means that metals inside the door can be damaged due to contact with hard objects, through excessive heat, and also through wear and tear associated with age. Our professional teams know best how to handle the different types of damage associated with these doors, and we can give a reasonable solution to anyone who suffers a problem with their garage doors. Call our specialist Louisville garage door repair team today to have someone dispatched to your door now.

Louisville Garage Door Installation

We can provide Louisville garage door installation for many common garage doors in the Louisville, Kentucky  area. Simply contact us today to talk to a representative about having our team install a garage door on your property, and we can be at your address within a few hours. We can install the major garage door brands, including Genie and Sears, without any additional assistance, and we can do it quickly. Garage doors come in a wide variety, but our specialist teams are trained in handling a broad range of brands which will allow you to call us out no matter what type of door you want to install.

Many people make the mistake of purchasing an installation kit, and think that they can follow the instructions and have the door fitted in a few hours. In fact, our Louisville garage door installation team make it look easy, and many of the problems which arise with doors jamming or falling out of the track can be connected back to poor installation practices. Knowing exactly how difficult it can be to correctly install a garage door, our team always encourage homeowners to call our number, rather than risk trying to install the door themselves. A poorly installed door can easily injure someone, or cause damage to a car, and so it is a good idea to take care when installing the door, and the best way to do this is to allow a professional door installer to take on the work.

Garage door installation has also been complicated by the rise of the garage door opener. It is now very rare for a modern garage door to be fitted without including the electronic opener as a standard feature. This opener needs to be fitted to the garage wall, and then connected to the garage door mechanism, all of which can take time and will cause a great deal of trouble for the amateur. Instead of simply struggling to fit the device, you should call us, and allow our Louisville garage door installation team to fit your doors for you.

Louisville Garage Door Openers

For anyone who regularly uses a garage door opener, you will know that its loss can be devastating, and that is why we offer Louisville garage door opener repair alongside our other services. These openers are now so common that some people use them without even realizing that there is another way of opening your garage doors. We understand that with the loss of the opener function, some households actually lose the ability to open and close the door without serious effort, simply because the mechanism is so taut. In order to get them back on their feet, we recommend that they speak to one of our representatives, who can examine the situation, and will dispatch a repair team to your door within an hour of your call.

These openers are complex pieces of equipment which are often very difficult to repair, because the owners have never really understood how the remote device functions. Therefore, when even a simple problem occurs, such as the loss of code between the remote control and the sensor device, then the user can be completely over their head. Fortunately, our team are highly trained, and have certificated in garage door repair and installation, allowing them to identify and solve the fault in a matter of hours. We can also offer services such as replacement of parts if the garage door opener has become seriously broken.

Many garage door openers suffer problems due to cold or wet weather, but there is also the action of animals inside and outside the garage to contend with. Spiders in particular seem to use sensors as a base from which to build webs, and these can interfere with the radio signal coming from your device. Rats and beetles can destroy electrical connections, and even small insects can build nests which interfere with the action of the garage door opener. In order to solve all these problems, or any other malfunction issue, contact our Louisville garage door opener repair company, and arrange for one of our trained staff to visit your home and correct the fault which has damaged your garage door opener.

Louisville Garage Door Services

Call us today to speak to a representative about our range of Louisville garage door service, repair or installation staff, all of whom can help you to get back on your feet after your garage door has malfunctioned. Our team are highly trained, and have many years experience in repairing and installing garage doors in the Louisville, KY area. Speak to one of our staff today about having them visit your house as an emergency, or arranging a time when they can visit which is more convenient for you. Our lines are open 24 hours a day, so give us a ring now to get immediate help with your garage door.

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